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Norwegian TV SET Host Commun Gaming Creativity Group across Failed Collab

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Norwegian TV SET Host Commun Gaming Creativity Group across Failed Collab

Norwegian TV SET Host Commun Gaming Creativity Group across Failed Collab

Well known television attitude claims he has reached a new verbal binding agreement entitling the dog to 3. several million dispenses now truly worth NOK10 million dollars

Popular Norwegian TV public speaker Hallvard Flatland says he is entitled to a few. 4 mil shares on online gambling group Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) under your verbal settlement with enterprise officials instruction online 2015. The business is being sued by the television host and the two functions met while in the Bergen Center Court the 2009 Wednesday, nearby news means report.

Mr. Flatland has worked with regard to Norway’s primary commercial tv set station , TVNorge, also the Norwegian Broadcasting Partnership. He is most widely known as free online video slots buffalo the creator and hold of the place’s most popular gameshow, Casino , which shown between 1989 and 1993 and then temporarily from the year 2003 to 2004. Mr. Flatland is also a passionate gambler.

As per court completing, the TV speaker believes he or she is entitled to 3 or more. 4 huge number of GIG gives, which are presently valued in around NOK10 million. Mister. Flatland has got told courts that during the spring about 2015, they reached your verbal settlement with ex – Nio Inc. Chief Executive in addition to investor Kjetil Myrlid Aasen to receive stock shares in the playing group together with a collaboration that would have seen the TV web host become a GIG ambassador. Nio, a casino company itself, had basically secured the particular acquisition of EVENT at the time.

Option or No Work

Providing further details about the agreement, Mr. Flatland states that it was hit on Spring 30, 2015 in Bergen. The needed parties to be able to sign any specific documents to officialize the deal , though the TV speaker has suggested he was ascertained a deal was reached. A fresh CEO seemed to be appointed to acquire the merged entity, when the Nio/GIG price was achieved. Mr. Flatland contacted the very newly hired executive right after and requested additional information in the agreement’s cross. However , it presenter had been told there would be not any collaboration and this there was virtually no agreement gotten to.

Mr. Aasen said in court there was no work of virtually any, but endorsed that he seemed to be approached by just Mr. Flatland and that the last mentioned asked to with GIG management about potential effort .

GB Chairman Helge Nilsen symbolized the set in judge on Thursday. He defined that they were skeptical in regards to the success associated with potential a joint venture with Mr.. Flatland. Mr.. Nilsen further pointed out that the company did not own much funds at the time plus was not convinced how the partnership using the TV speaker would enable it to.

On the other hand, Mr.. Flatland declared as part of his agreement by using GIG, the guy bought one huge number of shares on the company to demonstrate his religious beliefs in its foreseeable future. Mr. Aasen said yesterday in the courtroom that the buying shares was initially part of the capitalization of the poker group and have had nothing to undertake with the claimed agreement.

Games Innovation Crew is headquartered in Fanghiglia , yet operates workplaces in Oslo, Gibraltar, along with Copenhagen, amongst others. Its pursuits include the opportunity of both B2B plus B2C internet gambling products.

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