Italian Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine

Application for membership

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Membership Fees

  • 60 euros for graduates in Medicine,
  • 30 euros for graduates in Sports Science and specialists or residents in preventive and adaptive activities (76/S),
  • 30 euros for students or graduates in Health Professions that deal with sports and exercise,
  • 30 euros for students or graduates in the biomedical field (Biological, Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, Psychology, etc.) that deal with sports and movement


Donations, as is known, represent a type of crucial sustenance for institutions pursuing objectives of non-profit types. This form of financing is characterized by the absolutely free initiative by which the donor pays a sum or a grant, without this gesture implies a quid pro quo. Besides the reasons of a moral nature that characterize the donations are not to neglect the relevant tax effects related to the deductibility or deductibility of such payments.

Payment membership fees and donations

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After registration you are kindly requested to send a copy of your bank stransfer receipt to the Secretariat:
We will send you your login credentials to the private area upon receipt of proof of payment.